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Awakened by Patricia Vanasse

Awakened - Patricia Vanasse



I had the opportunity to be a beta reader for this novel and I’m very satisfied with the result.


Adam is taken away from what he knows as a normal life and become part of The Agency that leads him to believe he is making a better world with the missions assigned to him and members of the team. Even with all Brooklyn's effort to try to replace his memories, Adam doesn’t seem to be able to forget the blue eyes from the girl of his dreams. 

Meanwhile, Livia and Daniel take a journey through dangerous situations to follow their plan to rescue Adam and find others like them. Trying to stay under the radar as much as they can , they train and learn how to better use their abilities to fight The Agency, that is also looking for them and the others. 

Awakened brings strong emotions and situations through the character's feelings and actions. Love and hate, trust and betrayal, friendship and doubts but also a lot of action. 

I personally liked this sequel even more than the the first book. The characters are stronger and their personalities are well distinctive from each other.  The book is very well developed, taking enough time to explain clearly what needed to be explained to make us understand what is necessary but at the same time not being overdetailed. 

Patricia Vanasse managed to write a book without holes and kept a great pace on this story, bringing romance but also a lot of action , there was a point that I couldn’t put the book down. 

I loved how well the characters mananged to interact their abilities when they needed to execute their plans. The humor and sarcasm on many comments of some characters stole laughs from me, the romantic scenes took my breath away and the action scenes kept my eyes glued to the book. 

I don't want to spoil anything but I can tell the end is very surprising.

I loved this novel and I can't wait to know what will happen next.